Youth Group

Youth group offers high school students a fun and healthy place to learn more about Christ and how to live for Him in all they do. It's a place to meet others and enjoy friendship. At our regular meetings, we have a discussion time and lots of games, snacks, and socializing. 

How do I join Youth group?

If you are interested in joining Youth group, email our office administrator at and we will connect you with our youth leaders. 

Youth at BFCRC:
The BFCRC Youth Group meets on Tuesday nights from 7-9 pm and is open to Highschool students.  This year we once again partner with Calvin CRC and Pastor Ron Hosmar.  We have approximately 30 students in the group. 
Youth Group is a safe place to ask any questions the youth have.  They socialize with other youths in a program that is Christ Driven.  It provides an opportunity for growth, fun, and connecting to the community and God.  They go camping and on youth conferences, they lead church services and mission trips.  An amazing program!