Ottawa Christian Reformed Campus Chaplaincy

Ottawa Christian Reformed Campus Chaplaincy
Ottawa Christian Reformed Campus Chaplaincy (OCRCC)
Sid Ypma (Chaplain)
Phone: 613-277-0037
Office Location: 151 Laurier Ave. E, Ottawa, ON (St. Joseph Church) K2E 5N9
Chaplaincy Mailing Address: 1475 Merivale Rd. Ottawa, ON

The Ottawa Christian Reformed Campus Chaplaincy (OCRCC) thanks you for another year of support in prayer, food, engagement and finances.  We are grateful serve God on campus in Ottawa and be able to meet students who are wrestling with faith and calling.  If you know of students in Ottawa or who are coming to Ottawa and would benefit from gathering in places of hospitable faith formation, please encourage them to look us up at  Please take the time to read our latest newsletter which also can be found online:

The Vandergrift Grant for Scholarship and Faith ($2,000) - The Ottawa Christian Reformed Campus Chaplaincy (OCRCC) is now accepting applications for a grant to be awarded to a returning student of the University of Ottawa or Carleton University who desires to create an avenue of Christian reflection within their faculty of study.  The grant is designed to encourage creative application and dialogue of Christian faith in various fields of study.  A detailed description and application can be found at -

Wednesday, June 21 @ 7 PM: God, Atheism, & Ultimate Meaning
First Baptist Church Ottawa, 140 Laurier Avenue West (at Elgin)

Materialism (the view that nothing exists apart from matter and energy) is growing in popularity today. Given the suffering the world, some find materialism (atheism) easy to accept. But if nothing more exists, how are we we to understand the meaning of life? Come join the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation (CSCA) for a talk by Chris Barrigar (Ph.D. Philosophy, McGill) based on this new book, Freedom All The Way Up: God and the Meaning of Life in a Scientific Age. Chris contends that there are two principle elements to the meaning of life, purpose and self-worth, along with two secondary elements, identity and hope. By evicting God from the meaning of the universe and of life, materialism has also removed ‘ultimate meaning’ from each of these four elements. This is a much greater problem for materialism than suffering is for Theism. In contrast, God’s purpose and incarnation infuses all four elements with ultimate meaning, re-shaping our self-constructions through agape-love, and dispelling materialism’s essential meaninglessness