Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry
Pray as the Spirit leads You ...
* Pray for Sherry who is in a hospice facility.  She knows who she is and whose she is, the beloved of God. Pray for sweet grace for her days here, cherished time with those she loves, and when the time comes to enter into eternal rest, may there be peace for all. Pray for Fred, Hunter, and Fraser.

*Continue to pray and encourage those who struggle with illness: Pieter Harkema and his daughter Michelle, Charley Deshiffart, Kim Vanderhooft who suffers with pain in her back and leg, Glen Gowan who’s still recovering from his stroke 2 years ago, Anna Kourla recovering from a frozen shoulder, Harber’s daughter Lindsay who is recovering from recent surgery because of cancer, those with mental illness including depression and anxiety. Could you send them a card?

*Pray and encourage our elderly shut-ins: Hiska Bruggink at Viva and her husband Henk in an Alzheimer’s ward, Pieter and Mieke Harkema, Keith Nesbitt, Vinay Sarin and Eddy VanEssen. Often they love to receive a card.

*Elisabeth and Bryan Standish and children as they move to Australia. 

*pray for Michaela DeSchiffart as she is expecting another baby this summer. 

*pray for those grieving the loss of a loved one recently, or anticipating their elderly parent(s) growing weaker and more frail.

*pray for families, marriages, children. For strong cords of love, unity and grace. For peace-filled homes, nurture in living faith, and openness to listen and look to the needs of others. Holy Spirit help us in our relationships, keep us close to You and close to each other.

*pray for those in specific ministries for God’s Kingdom: Sheila and Jonathan serving in West Africa, for David and Susan Imbrock serving with Power to Change/ encouraging Ambassador ‘s and Parliamentarians to faith, for Riyadh and Bassma Jaballah serving with Voice of the Martyrs encouraging many around the world who are or minister to those persecuted. These, including Pastor Rick, are on the front lines and need our daily prayers for protection from our enemies for the whole family,  for encouragement in serving, to keep a strong witness for God and to be used in powerful ways to advance the Kingdom. This is true for the local church too, pray daily for us to grow “deeper in and further out” a quote from C.S. Lewis.

*pray for warmer weather so our builders can resume building our new facility. Pray for God’s blessing over this, may we all pour our prayers into each phase of the building process so that we bath it in prayer, trusting God to also build us into a spiritual house of prayer and witness. 

*pray for discipleship groups, bible study groups, men’s study groups, Gems, Youth group, Sunday School, Council and any other ministry going on to help us grow in the faith. 

*soon we will need new elders and deacons, pray for hearts to be willing and prepared to serve in this important call to minister.

*pray specifically for Pastor Rick as he prepares for the Lent season and writes sermons for this series, pray for revelation, clarity, boldness as he listens to what the Spirit is saying to our church. You partner with him in this so be diligent and faithful. 
Prayer Ministry at BFCRC
Our God loves us deeply and longs to be in a relationship with us. As individuals and as a church we suffer a great loss when we fail to ask God for the spiritual blessings he wants to give. Prayer takes faith and obedience; it’s our lifeline to Him--our source of strength and blessing.

Contact Prayer Ministry:

Join us for prayer half hour before our Sunday service. 
Prayer will also be offered, by the prayer team, after the service during the refreshment & fellowship time.  

While we are worshipping at Kanata Community CR Church we will make use of room #104 located on the Lower Level.  Those with mobility concerns are welcome to use the lift rather than the stairs. 

Prayer as it grows in maturity also becomes our life breath.  As Ruth Haley Barton explains in her book Sacred Rhythms, our use of the spiritual disciplines is prayer. "the longer I journey in the spiritual life, the more I experience all of life as prayer and the other disciplines as different ways of praying."   May we too feel that every experience of life is an opportunity to call out to the God who is ready and expectantly waiting for a deeper communion with us.​