Service Times & Connecting Opportunities

Service Times & Connecting Opportunities

Services Times and Connecting Opportunities
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October 14th  - 8:45A3:00 PM  Message: No Favourites in the Church   James 2:1-13
Summary: The kind of favouritism that James talks about reflects a particular attitude we can all have towards people.  His point is simple: Favoritism is profoundly unchristian. It says, in effect, that someone has greater value in the church based on superficial, worldly criteria, such as wealth, good looks, intellect, gender, or ethnicity. Not only is favouritism unchristian, but it also breaks God’s law.  Favouritism says we love only some neighbours.  Loving our neighbours who are impressive, or similar to us does not cover the fact that others are being quietly but studiously ignored.   The antidote to this behaviour is to reflect on God’s mercy towards his people. He does not look upon our worldly credentials in extending mercy.  He loves unconditionally. Is there anyone to whom you or I need to extend the same quality of love and mercy, today.
Congregational Meeting after the service

October 21st -
8:45AM The Power of the Tongue James 3:1-12
Our God is a speaking God.  Speaking is not an incidental part of his nature. It is central! He created the very universe we live in by speaking. He continues to give life by his Word and Spirit.  Therefore, a timely word spoken in just the right way can change a person’s life! Words can heal and encourage. However, James warns, the power of the tongue can also devastate and destroy people’s lives.  Speaking badly is a problem we all struggle with. None of us can control our tongues completely. It is the outflow of our still corrupt hearts. This passage is designed to humble us and to bring us to repentance.  We must also daily yield to the one from whom we have been given the fruit of the Spirit to clean up our speech.

October 28st - 2:30PM True and False Wisdom James 3:13-18
We need
wisdom to use knowledge correctly.  In Old Testament wisdom literature ‘wisdom’ was understood to be seeing the world through God’s eyes.  That is why the proverb states, ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. Man’s wisdom comes from reason alone, whereas true wisdom comes from divine revelation, which illuminates human reason.  James is encouraging his congregation to seek heavenly wisdom, which was of critical importance in the tumultuous times in which they lived. We too live in times of growing moral, economic, social and religious confusion.  We desperately need the wisdom of Heaven.
Fellowship Time - Games and Snacks after the service