Growing & Rooted Part 2

Growing & Rooted Part 2

We ended our Fall sermon series with the Apostle Paul’s second prayer in his letter to the Ephesian believers; a prayer that calls for believers to have power to grasp the width, length, height and depth of Christ’s love.  In the remaining parts of his letter Paul encourages believers to live out that love in all aspects of life.


  • First of all, love is to be expressed through visible unity among God’s people.  

  • Secondly, love for God seeks transformation, a change in the way we live our lives and the way we treat one another.  

  • Thirdly, love pursues the light of God to drive away our personal dark places that keeps us out of step with God and with his people.

  • Fourthly, love that builds up our marriages, households and even influences our workplace relationships positively.

  • Finally, coming full circle, the Apostle ends his letter by encouraging Christ's followers to love and live life in the mighty power of God.  Why? Because the enemy of God and his people is determined to make us unloving, and divide us, and by so doing compromise our witness.