Feb 11, 2018

Feb 11, 2018


Feb 11, 2018


Matthew 6:19-34


The Freedom of Simplicity



Imagine a freedom to say “NO” to having more stuff.  Imagine a freedom to work without being a slave to work; that work becomes more than frantically paying off debt.  Imagine a freedom to enjoy what possessions you have without the need to covet the next upgrade.  Imagine a freedom from impressing others with your possessions.  Imagine knowing that you are dearly loved for who you are, and not for what you own.  Matthew 6 sparkles of joy and trust in God.  It pictures us as being scandalously free from anxiety because we are under the care and watchful eye of him who richly cares for the birds of the air and the lilies of the fields. Jesus gives a more simple view of life, less driven, less frantic.  No longer are we to carry a soul crushing weight that we have to have more things to find true happiness. In fact, treasures on earth may distract us from the ultimate prize of the kingdom of God.

Attribute of God



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