Christmas Day!

Christmas Day!
Dec 25th 10 am

Attributes of God: Supremacy of Christ- above all
Sermon Title & Scripture: The Gift of Christ (Hebrews 1:1-4)

Summary: The writer to the Hebrews writes to Christians living in a time when the full meaning and significance of Jesus’ coming is already diminishing.  False teachers were already reducing Jesus’ coming and ministry, and replacing him with a focus on Old Testament laws and prophets, the iconic Moses and even angels.  Today Christmas has become less about Jesus as well.  More about mythical stories, rampant consumerism, political correctness, office parties and family gatherings.  Somehow, in the celebration, which bears his name, Christ himself has increasingly become irrelevant to the celebration.  The first few verses of Hebrews skyrockets Christ back into his rightful place of supreme importance.  You and I may have been given wonderful gifts this morning but the writer to the Hebrews clearly declares that the greatest gift is the gift of Christ.  These introductory words of Hebrews call us to unpack God’s ultimate gift and bring him into the prominent place of our worship, that only he deserves.