Dec 3, 2017

Dec 3, 2017
Dec 3, 2017 (Lord’s Supper)

Advent Light of HOPE

Attributes of God: Justice and Mercy
Sermon Title & Scripture: Longing for God (Psalm 94)
Summary: In this world, there often seems so little justice.  Example, none of the financial institutions that caused the 2008 economic crisis where ever held accountable for their actions, except one tiny bank in Manhattan NY that catered to mostly Chinese immigrants.  Example, the recent Sears Canada bankruptcy gave creditors and upper management generous payouts but took away the pensions of Sears staff and retirees.  With the Psalmist, we cry out, “Yahweh, the wicked get away with murder - how long will you let this go on?” (The Message).  Prayers like this can be dangerous in the mouth of a revengeful person.  The Psalmist though, is not revengeful, rather he is pained and lonely, a bruised child of God crying out for deliverance.  Where revenge is a negative act of passion, vengeance is a cry for justice.  We must also pray like the psalmist, asking God to be the judge.  We must join God in seeking justice for victims of injustice.