SERVE 2018

SERVE 2018
Calvin CRC (our sister church) is hoping to host a Special Needs SERVE again in 2018 from July 6 – 12. In order to succeed at this SERVE experience, they need help by partnering with many different churches to make this SERVE site a reality in 2018.  They are seeking our help, asking for volunteers in any of the following planning areas.
  1. Craft person who would do a craft every evening with the group.  Would need to come up with crafts and get supplies to make them happen.  They have past crafts that can be used.
  2. Person to get work sites to attend for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  They have past work sites and contacts as well.   
  3. Person(s) to head up the food and special diets.   Everything is documented with meal plan etc. 
  4. Person to find drivers and organize name badges and keep the schedule up to date as we move towards the date
  5. Person to assist with making the curriculum that is used in the small group times.  They have someone, but she is looking for help. 
It is expected that next year’s Special Needs SERVE project will involve 15 – 20 students with special needs being matched with 20 mentors.  The group will be involved in light work projects around the Ottawa area, as well as experience praise and worship, Bible studies, and some fun events.
Should you be interested in leading one of these planning areas, please contact Pastor Ron Hosmar at directly, or Harry Mulder at BFCRC.