Indigenous Pathways to Reconciliation

Indigenous Pathways to Reconciliation
My People International  and Christian Community Reformed Church (Dixon's Corners) invite you to join them in an amazing learning experience on our mutual history, First Peoples and Settlers.  

It's called:  Indigenous Pathways to Reconciliation.  How can we best understand the original inhabitants of this land and work with them for a just society? What is the church's responsibility?   Great interactive presentations, wonderful food, traditional music and dance. See details at  for the full brochure and registration

How can non-Native people connect in better ways with Native People on our journey together? Where are we since the Canadian Government apology? What can we do to follow up on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations for churches? Why does healing take so long? 

Indigenous Pathways to Reconciliation workshop participants and speakers will engage in discussion on these and other issues Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon, October 13-14 at CCRC at Dixon's Corners, ON.   For full details and registration go to:

The continuing youth suicide crisis in many first Nations, Métis, and Inuit communities in Canada is directly linked to the residential school era. How can we, as a church, come to understand this connection in such way that it informs our attitudes and actions?