The BIG Give June 3, 2017

The BIG Give June 3, 2017
The BIG GIVE: On Saturday, June 3, a number of churches will be participating in a giving exercise called 'The Big Give'. This is a demonstration of kindness and generosity that is an integral part of our Christian faith. Participating churches across the country and our community bless their neighbourhoods through a unified day of giving.
Different events will be held at various churches that include garage sales, BBQs, family fun, prayer tents, car washes etc., all of which are free.
Although BFCRC is not able to host events this year, you are all encouraged to take part at one of the participating churches, such as through donations to free garage sales. The list of churches can be found at Some examples are Cedarview Alliance, Sequoia(at OCS), and Calvin CRC.
The Deacons.