Elders & Deacons 2017

Elders & Deacons 2017
Nomination:  Elders & Deacons

With thanks to God, the Council of BFCRC submits the following nominations for 3 year terms in the office of Elder and Deacon:

For Elder - 2 to be selected:
  Shirley H.
  Bernie B.
  Matt V.

For Deacon - 2 to be selected:
  Rebecca G.
  Luke S.
  James M.
  Tom L.
On May 28th, following the morning worship service, the congregational will be asked to vote on the list of nominations.  If a nominee receives more than a 50% approval from the congregation their name will enter the lot. 
On June 4th, following the morning service, we will have a short congregational meeting where we will draw lots, as was done by the early church (Acts 1).  We will be selecting 2 elders and 2 deacons.

The Lord willing, installation will take place on June 11th.

Please contact any Council member if you have any questions.