Denominational Announcements

Denominational Announcements
From Back to God Ministries International
IT IS FINISHED - It’s easy to assume that when Jesus declares “It is finished,” he means his suffering is finished. Join our Groundwork conversation on John 19:28-30 as we discuss why this is really a cry of accomplishment; his work done, he is victorious, and the triumph we proclaim at Easter is just the beginning. Listen now at and subscribe to Groundwork's weekly emails for future episodes.
THE MIRACLE OF EASTER - Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet Jesus? Or to be in Jerusalem the very week Jesus was crucified and raised from the dead? You’re invited to explore the miracle of Easter on this week’s Kids Corner. Tell the story of Easter with the KC Family Easter Craft at

From Calvin Theological Seminary
Calvin Seminary Preview Day - Come visit Calvin Seminary on April 28 for Preview Day! If you're interested in exploring and learning more about Calvin Seminary, go to, select Admissions on the left, and click on Visit to fill out the Preview Day form. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, hear from faculty, staff, and students, attend sessions, and have lunch, a tour, and more. Staying at a hotel for Preview Day? Bring along proof of payment and we'll reimburse one night's cost of lodging. For more information or questions, contact Calvin Seminary Admissions at

From Christian Reformed Home Missions
Easter Sunday - Today we celebrate Christ’s victory over death and sin; a victory that is for all of His people! Your support for Christian Reformed Home Missions helps people in Canada and the United States realize that they are part of Christ’s victory. To learn more about this work, visit

From Christian Reformed World Missions
VBS-Style English Camp in Asia - Join a missionary and fellow volunteers in sharing the Gospel with children through games, activities, and lessons at a church in Asia from July 11-30. Visit for more information or to apply.
Walk where Jesus Walked - Visit the Holy Land on a learning tour this summer, August 8-18, on a trip where historic Christian sites are paired with today's Christian people. Visit for more information or to apply.

From World Renew
Sea to Sea announces a virtual ride! - Do you want to participate in the Sea to Sea bike tour this summer, but have constraints? Sea to Sea is announcing a virtual ride! If you can't join the ride physically, there are other ways you can participate. Join us to help end the cycle of poverty. To find out how, go to, contact, or call 616-818-4902.