Learning Opportunities

Learning Opportunities
Sacred Space: Where Faith & Doubts Meet Bread & Wine - Sacred Space is a young leader's gathering for creative expressions of prayer, song and honest reflection before God. Whether you are a Christian, curious about Christianity or simply looking to meet with others who are Spiritually inclined, we welcome you into this hospitable space of Christ.  Sacred Space is co-hosted by the Ottawa Christian Reformed Campus Chaplaincy (OCRCC) and Knox Presbyterian Church. For the fall we will be meditating on and exploring Paul's letter to the Philippians: Finding Contentment in Questions & Chaos.  Sacred Space starts Sunday, September 10 - 6pm @ Knox Presbyterian Church (120 Lisgar St. @ Elgin).  Go to ocrcampuschaplaincy.org or knoxottawa.ca for details or find us on Facebook.

Next Dates are: * Sept. 24 * Oct.15 & 29 * Nov.12, 26 * Dec.10

Indigenous Pathways to Reconciliation Workshop will be coming soon. The primary objective of this workshop is to build the capacity of non-Indigenous followers to the Jesus way to walk the path of honest reflection on the truth of our shared history.  It’s intent is to help non-Indigenous communities/peoples begin (or continue) their path of reconciliation with First Peoples. Presenters will be Mavis Etienne, Terry LeBlanc, Rick & Linda Martin and Tim Stime. This event will be happening at Community Christian Reformed Church on the weekend of Oct 13-14. There are some pamphlets at the welcome centre that will inform you of what is happening for the weekend. Note that the deadline for registration is Oct. 8. You may register by calling the church at 613-652-2400.

Wed, Sep 20 @ 7 PM - “Is Christian Faith Dishonest?”

Laurentian Leadership Centre, 252 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, ON

In light of modern science, atheists like Richard Dawkins accuse Christianity of being dishonest. Instead of looking at evidence, he says, religious people already have their conclusions “in advance” from a “holy book,” and any new evidence will always be automatically dismissed. Is Dawkins’s objection valid? Is there something intellectually dishonest about Christian faith? Is it less honest than science? This talk answers Dawkins by explaining how we can be intellectually honest toward both God and scientific inquiry.

Hosted by the Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation (CSCA).
With refreshments!    More Info: csca.ca/ottawa   Questions: Mark McEwan, pdo@csca.ca

Tunes-for-Tots: Community Christian School in Metcalfe is offering "Tunes for Tots", an opportunity for 2 and 3-year-olds and their parents/care-givers to come together for music and play, guided by one of our qualified teachers who has a degree in music. Toddlers will have time to sing, dance, play rhythm instruments, enjoy story-time and socialize. Wednesdaymornings for one hour beginning October 4, for 8 weeks. Cost is $50. To register or for more information, call 613-821-3669 or email: info@communitychristianschool.ca