Barrhaven Fellowship Church

Together on the Way


Welcome, we are glad you have found us.

We are your neighbours, teamates, your co-workers.
Basically, we are a bunch of ordinary people connecting with each other, our community
and the God who loves us all. 

What's Happening This Week

Sunday January 26, 2020 at 2:30 PM

This Sunday, Pastor Rick will bring us God's work from Mark 2:1-12, speaking on the The Paralytic Man-Forgiveness and Healing.

What is more important in our journey with Jesus? Healing or forgiveness? Most of us, especially those of us who have lived with, or have a loved one with, chronic pain or life-threatening illness; might be inclined to choose healing. The daily struggle with illness and pain places the need for healing at the forefront of our heart’s desire. However, Jesus teaches his followers that his greatest work and gift to them is not healing, but forgiveness of sin. For Jesus, forgiveness is his greatest work, for it would cost him his very life. 

This week, we are blessed to gather our thankful hearts around the table of the Lord for His communion celebration in
obedience and remembrance of Him.

General Information

While our church building is under construction we will meet here in Kanata at 46 Castlefrank Rd. (Kanata Community CR Church) 
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Office Hours:
Tuesday to Friday from 9:30 to 2:30 PM
We will keep you up to date each week on service times and information on the What's Happening this Week tab. 

Contact our Church Administrator (Kate)
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One of the main instructions given to the leaders of the church was to be able to teach. Leaders are also commanded to equip the saints so that they can also carry out the work of the minsitry, and this exactly what our skilled teachers desire to do. 

Coming to our services should be a time of worship and fellowship, but also of mental strengthening. Sermons are understandable but yet stimulating to the mind with respect to accurate doctrine and implication.

Find out more: What We Believe

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement: 
BFCRC is a people together on the Way of Jesus Christ:
            Drawn to worship him    
            Gathered to grow in him  
            Compelled to serve in his name!
Vision Statement
BFCRC is a community on a journey of transformation: traveling together in the Way of Jesus Christ, and discovering his Spirit heals and renews not only our hearts and minds but also our relationships, neighbourhoods, communities and the world!

Children's Church

Sunday Morning Nursery: All Babies Welcome!  We are here to take care of your little ones 0-2 yrs while you attend the worship service.  The nursery is located to the right of the main doors as you came in. 

Sunday School:
Children Aged 3 to Grade 4.
Children are invited part-way through the service to attend a  special time of worship & learning.
All visiting children should be signed in by a parent or guardian. To ensure the safety of children and also as a courtesy to Sunday School volunteers, we ask that parents come downstairs to pick up your child(ren) immediately following the service. Thank you for your understanding!